Terre Haute by Will Aitken

Terre Haute by Will Aitken

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A poetic novel of sexual awakening in the American Mid-West, tracing an adolescent's journey from introspection to perilous desire.

Set in the Indiana town of the same name, Terre Haute is the story of one very memorable year in the life of Jared McCaverty, a boy who has just discovered sex but has yet to discover what it means. Spoiled by his rich family, he is able to live in a fantasy world filled with films, art and daydreams. Yet when his thoughts of other boys begin to turn into reality, he comes to realise that sex can be a very powerful weapon - especially when used against a married man. 

'This is an explicit, unforgiving and unsentimental book... very good on the horrors of family life.' The Sunday Times

Paperback / 274 pages

Published by  Gay Men's Press in 1989