Boys' Club Zine by Trans Masc Studies

Boys' Club Zine by Trans Masc Studies

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When looking into trans masculine history, I always enjoy discovering new artists or uncovering the queerness of familiar ones. I love seeing how our transcestors shaped the cultural landscapes of their times, learning about how they lived their lives, and exploring how they expressed their realities.

With this zine, I wanted to set myself the challenge of collecting the work of masculine-leaning gender variant artists of the 19th and 20th Century. This period was an extremely fruitful time of creative experimentation, producing a diverse array of artistic styles, movements, and individuals. In this zine alone, we journey from traditional Animalier painting to Constructivism, via Japanese Literati works and Surrealist portraiture. The people behind these pieces were cross dressers, practical dressers, trans men, and neuters; their gendered identities were as varied as their work. I hope this zine gives an impression of the scope of both gendered possibility and creative practice among gender variant individuals within this period.

Boys' Club details the lives of eight gender variant artists born between 1822 and 1908. Including Rosa Bonheur, Okuhara Seiko, Marie Høeg, Claude Cahun, Gluck, Toyen, Anton Prinner and Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

28 pages, saddle stitched.