Candyass by Nick Comilla

Candyass by Nick Comilla

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Candyass is a coming-of-age novel with hard edges and a soft heart: a striking debut work about what it means to be young, queer and urban today; a radical chronicle of queer love and desire among millennials, whose feelings and impulses flicker and fade along with the bright lights of the city at night.

"So young, so contemporary, so thoughtful and skillful in dissecting the exquisite corpse of gay life today." --Edmund White

"To read Candyass is to witness the end of something the second you attain it, to enter a perpetual state of loss where everything happens in the name of poetry. In this transgressive text, conjuring the muse means tracing the impressions others leave on your skin, aware that the smell of a lover will last longer than the memory of their face. At turns wise, infuriating, and sad, Candyass will keep you thrumming with discovery and lust and feeling." --Daniel Allen Cox, author of Shuck and Mouthquake

Paperback / 176 pages