Catallus by Roz Kaveney

Catallus by Roz Kaveney

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“Roz Kaveney's modern adaptations of Catullus' poems bring them right up to date – in all their, sometimes shocking, ‘new-ness’: a good reminder how edgy ancient poetry could be.” – Mary Beard, Professor of Classics, University of Cambridge

“To make Catullus’ much-translated poems seem surprising and fresh is a rare achievement – but nothing less than the most scabrous, the most tender of Roman poets deserves. A wonderful feat.” – Tom Holland, historian and novelist

“Hilarious, poignant, mischievous, distraught, Roz Kaveney’s twinkling versions capture the staggering range of Catullus’ poetic moods, subjects, and forms  … She nails the jokes, uproariously; brilliantly sees how Catullus’ world and ours superimpose …” – Nick Lowe, Reader in Classics, Royal Holloway University

"In a great time for female translators of Catullus, Roz Kaveney's versions are a particular delight. With her use of language and verse structure, she seems to capture the authentic voice of the poet." – Tony Keen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Paperback / 160 pages