Cool For You by Eileen Myles

Cool For You by Eileen Myles

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Why can’t I live right now. Because I am not rich, I am not a saint. But I do know this: not all of us were sent here to work. 

The first published novel of legendary poet and performer Eileen Myles follows a queer female growing up in working-class Boston, straining against the institutions that hold her: family, Catholic school, jobs at a camp, at a nursing home, at a school for developmentally disabled adult males.

Free-ranging and deadpan, tragic and joyful, this is a book about women, gender, class, bodies, escape, and what it means to be “inside.” Never more relevant, and now with an introduction by Chris Kraus.

A cult figure to a generation of post-punk females forming their own literary avant-garde.”―The New York Times 

Paperback / 208 pages