Displeasure Island by Alice Bell

Displeasure Island by Alice Bell

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'There are apparently a lot of ghosts on Spike Island,' said Basher. 'So perhaps one more can't hurt.'

Claire sighed and looked at Sophie. She was standing in the sunlight beaming through the windows, so she was washed out and almost see-through - but still very clearly sticking her tongue out at Claire.

'Oh,' said Claire, 'I think you'd be surprised.'Professional medium turned detective Claire, her best friend Sophie (a 17-year-old ghost) and their pals are enjoying a much-needed cheap holiday in an unfinished hotel on Spike Island off the coast of Ireland. Claire is flattered to be asked by the local ghost of a pirate captain to investigate the theft of treasure from the shipwreck that stranded him there several hundred years ago. But just when she thinks she is closing in on the culprit, a murder takes place, and Claire and her friends quickly become the chief suspects.

Can they recover the treasure, solve the murder and clear their names before all is lost?

'Alice Bell writes with real verve' Janice Hallett

'Alice Bell is a talent to watch' Sam Blake

Hardback / 416 pages