E. M. Forster: Passion and Prose by Arthur Martland

E. M. Forster: Passion and Prose by Arthur Martland

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E. M. Forster remains one of the most popular English writers of the twentieth century, but in the postmodern age he has been somewhat slighted by literary theory, while gay voices have attacked his apparent timidity in the face of the extreme homophobia of his time.

Yet Forster developed challenging conceptions of integrity in human relations that remain a model for today - his notorious preference to 'betray his country rather than his friend' and the specifically homosexual themes he was prevented from tackling in his 'publishable' work bubble just below the surface even in his most popular novels.

Arthur Martland reclaims Forster for the gay author he always was, his critique of conventional hypocrisies motivated and inspired throughout by a homosexual sensibility. 

Paperback / 235 pages

Published by Gay Men's Press in 1999