Gay Club! by Simon James Green

Gay Club! by Simon James Green

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A landmark comedic novel about a group of queer teens at their worst - and ultimately their best - from one of the UK's leading writers of LGBTQ+ teen fiction.

Barney's a shoo-in for his school's LGBTQ+ Society President at the club's next election. But when the vote is opened up to the entire student body, the whole school starts paying attention.

How low will the candidates go to win? Buckle up for some serious shade, scandals and sleazy shenanigans. It isn't long before it's National Coming Out Day - for everyone's secrets! But when the group faces an unexpected threat - and a big opportunity - can the club members put politics aside and stand united?

"Gay Club! wears its activism with pride, and is packed with drama, plot twists and politics." - Dean Atta (The Black Flamingo)

"Gay Club! holds up a mirror to the experiences of being LGBTQ+; to the messiness, the humour, the hardships, and most of all, to the love and celebration." - Adiba Jaigirdar (Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating)

"Funny, heartfelt, and angry in all the right ways, Gay Club! is a love letter to the messiness of our big gay family, and a manifesto for creating the change that the youngest members of that family need so badly today. A triumphant call to action.' - LC Rosen (Camp and Jack of Hearts (and other parts))

"Gay Club! cements Simon James Green's position as the master of LGBTQ Young adult fiction. No one today writes with such heart and lightness of touch - an author whose skill both intimidates and inspires his peers." - William Hussey (The Outrage)

Paperback / 432 pages