Henry Henry by Allen Bratton

Henry Henry by Allen Bratton

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They knew each other because their families knew each other: had known each other, for a long time. An elegant, audacious and blisteringly funny portrait of inheritance, defiance and love - from a major new talent

'Carnal and precise' RAVEN LEILANI, author of Luster

London, 2014.

Hal Lancaster – twenty-two, gay, Catholic, chops lines of cocaine with his myWaitrose card – is the reluctant heir of his father Henry, the sixteenth Duke of Lancaster.

Henry is half tyrant, half martyr, with an investment in his eldest son that has grown into an obsession. While Hal floats between internships and drinking sessions, Henry keeps him in check with passive-aggression, religious guilt, and a cruelty that Hal sometimes confuses for tenderness. When a grouse-shooting accident – funny in retrospect – makes a romance out of Hal’s rivalry with fumblingly leftist family friend Harry Percy, Hal finds that he wants, for the first time, a life of his own.

But his father is an Englishman; he will not let his son escape tradition. To save himself, Hal must reckon not only with grief and shame but with the wounds of his family's past.

'Wonderful' BRANDON TAYLOR, author of The Late Americans

'A brilliantly glinting and twisted debut' SEÁN HEWITT, author of All Down Darkness Wide

Hardback / 336 pages