Natch: City Lights Spotlight No. 20 by Sophia Dahlin

Natch: City Lights Spotlight No. 20 by Sophia Dahlin

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Sophia Dahlin's first full-length collection, Natch, is a dazzling array of queer erotic lyrics demanding pasture in the romantic sublime. By turns dreamy, hysterical, earthy, and perverse, the poems of Natch speak the dialogue of a person's parts, the dynamism of a queer body desiring something between rest and consumption. In her stunningly assured voice, compounded of bravado and vulnerability, Dahlin outlines the threshold where feeling takes over the body's functioning, desire leads us past deciding, and we are so lustful that we are not dead when we have finished dying.

'The thinking in Sophia Dahlin's poems is thrillingly unforeseeable, the turns of phrase are addictively unique, and the poems as wholes will leave most of the other things you read tasting awfully bland by comparison. This is poetry written at the pitch of a brilliant mind, expressed with rare lucidity.' Kit Schluter, author of Pierrot's Fingernails

'Natch is poetry gold-plated with queer love and lust. Sophia Dahlin resists the rigid binary of top v. bottom and instead renders a switchy lyricism that perverts all things pastoral in embrace of queer slipperiness. Give Natch the summer sweat and oozing attention it deserves.' Andrea Abi-Karam, author of Extratransmission

Paperback / 100 pages