Nine Stones Vol. 1 by Samuel Spano

Nine Stones Vol. 1 by Samuel Spano

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The comic with over 40 thousand monthly subscribers and 5 million views, is collected in print for the first time.

Disturbing dreams shake Alistair "Allie" Jacobi's nights. But his daytime life is not much better. His father, the boss of a criminal organization, has decided that it's time for his son to gain experience in the underworld.

So Allie, 19, finds himself doing an "internship" in a convenience store run by the man who, under the cover of home deliveries, is selling drugs to the entire city. To teach him the "job" is Christopher, an older guy.

The bond created between the two of them will give life to dark presences and disturbing and enigmatic premonitions.

Paperback / 260 pages