Not One Day by Anne Garréta

Not One Day by Anne Garréta

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Not One Day begins with a maxim: 'Not one day without a woman.'

What follows is an intimate, erotic, and sometimes bitter recounting of loves and lovers past, breathtakingly written, exploring the interplay between memory, fantasy, and desire.

'For life is too short to submit to reading poorly written books and sleeping with women one does not love.' Anne Garréta, author of the groundbreaking novel Sphinx (Deep Vellum, 2015), is a member of the renowned Oulipo literary group. Not One Day won the Prix Medicis in 2002, recognizing Garréta as an author 'whose fame does not yet match their talent.'

'Winner of the Prix Medicis, this intense collection of Garréta's memories of past loves -written under strict Oulipian constraints - is at times at once tender, bitter, and intimate.' Literary Hub

Paperback / 115 pages