Oh My Stars: A Sapphic Romance by S-Jay Hart

Oh My Stars: A Sapphic Romance by S-Jay Hart

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Can you ever find something you never knew you'd lost?

You can outgrow a place, it's common knowledge. You can even outgrow people. Honey Rosenberg has spent her entire life in her small town of Verity Vale and it still fits her perfectly. She lives her life in certainties. She goes to work every day with her sisters at their family deli. She bakes sweet treats that the town clamor for and she spends her nights playing chess, under the moonlight, with her elderly neighbor and best friend. Everything is idyllic. But life can turn on a dime and when it does, she wonders if things will ever feel the same.

Liv Henderson thought she had it all, beautiful girlfriend, luxury seventh-floor apartment with a city view, a job she's always wanted. But then she's handed something she never asked for. The deed to a place she barely remembers. Suddenly nothing is what it seems and Liv starts to question everything she's ever known, including herself. As Liv's life starts to unfurl around her she soon comes to learn in order to find ourselves we have to be ourselves.

Sometimes all you have to do is look up

Paperback / 284 pages