Remember, Remember by Elle Machray

Remember, Remember by Elle Machray

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Gunpowder, treason and a plot to destroy the British Empire…

1770. Delphine lives in the shadows of London: a secret, vibrant world of smugglers, courtesans and small rebellions. Four years ago, she escaped enslavement at great personal cost. Now, she must help her brother Vincent do the same.

While Britain’s highest court fails to administer justice for Vincent, little rebellions are no longer enough. What’s needed is a big, explosive plot – one that will strike at the heart of the transatlantic slave trade. But can one woman, one fuse and one match bring down an Empire?

An incendiary alternative history, Remember, Remember is a gripping story of conscience, conspiracy, queer identity and courage in the face of injustice.

‘Couldn’t put this book down. Beautiful, tender, and ruthless’ HANNAH KANER

‘Luscious and raw’ BRONWYN ELEY

'An explosive re-imagining … rich and memorable' STACEY THOMAS

'Characters you love and root for' LUCY BARKER

‘I don’t know if my heart will quite recover’ ELVIN MENSAH

‘Deliciously evocative and atmospheric’ HAYLEY NOLAN

‘Powerful and hopeful . . . I cried buckets!’ JESSICA BULL

Hardback / 336 pages