Sad Girl Space Lizard by Iggy Craig

Sad Girl Space Lizard by Iggy Craig

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Lieutenant Left is barely scraping by at her maintenance job on a lonely, two-lizard mech crew. Every day seems just as monotonous as the last, until disaster strikes Commander Right on a routine mission. Now it's up to Left to step up, or risk being stranded in space... with nobody around except her hot crewmate for millions and millions of miles.

Cartoonist Iggy Craig's debut graphic novel, SAD GIRL SPACE LIZARD is a queer mech action romance (for lizards). If you are a lizard, or have an appreciation for lizards, this comic is for you. If not, you'll probably still enjoy it.

"In Iggy Craig's comics, creativity and play have no division or boundary. To read them is to conspire in an unmitigated act of dumb gay joy." - Beatrix Urkowitz, The Lover of Everyone in the World

Paperback / 168 pages