Sisters of Shadow: Book 1 by Katherine Livesey

Sisters of Shadow: Book 1 by Katherine Livesey

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Anne of Green Gables meets Diana Wynne Jones in this whimsical fantasy adventure perfect for teen readers.

I don't know who you are, or why you need me, but you hurt her again and I will make you pay... Alice has lived in the forest on the fringes of Alder Vale ever since her parents abandoned her.

Alone, exiled, and feared by all. All except Lily. Nature has always been Lily's tonic, and she never feels more alive than when she's amidst the trees.

It was Alice who first called them the sisters of shadow, Lily the sunshine to her moonlight, for neither can exist without the other. But something is stirring beyond the mountains. Whispers of spectres stalking the moors, women of unfathomable power luring children into a cult that has haunted local lore for a generation.

When Alice disappears, Lily knows she must rescue her or risk losing her forever. Because the rumours were true all along...

Exile. Monster. Witch. 

Paperback / 368 pages