Skye Papers by Jamika Ajalon

Skye Papers by Jamika Ajalon

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Twentysomething and restless, Skye flits between cities and stagnant relationships until she meets Scottie, a disarming and disheveled British traveler, and Pieces, an enigmatic artist living in New York. The three recognize each other as kindred spirits--Black, punk, whimsical, revolutionary--and fall in together, leading Skye on an unlikely adventure across the Atlantic. They live a glorious, subterranean existence in 1990s London: making multimedia art, throwing drug-fueled parties, and eking out a living by busking in Tube stations, until their existence is jeopardized by the rise of CCTV and policing.

In fluid and unrelenting prose, Jamika Ajalon's debut novel explores youth, poetry, and what it means to come terms with queerness. Skye Papers is an imaginative, episodic group portrait of a transatlantic art scene spearheaded by people of color--and of the fraught, dystopian reality of increasing state surveillance.

"Jamika Ajalon's Skye Papers is required reading! A visceral narrative of artists of color in a transatlantic nineties art scene, this novel bursts forth with visionary aim." --Fork Burke, author of Licking Glass

"Set in the street scenes of nineties-era New York City and London, Skye Papers merges race and class, queerness and anarchy, all while keeping a Philip K. Dick-ensian eye on the entities with the power to monitor and control our freedoms. Too real to be sci-fi, with a gritty imagination, Jamika Ajalon's debut marks the arrival of a formidable new voice, unafraid to bring the creepy quotidian to fantastical conclusions." --Michelle Tea, author of Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticisms

Paperback / 272 pages