Tell Me Everything by Laura Kay

Tell Me Everything by Laura Kay

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Would you entrust your life choices to someone hell-bent on avoiding theirs?

Natasha has everything under control, at least that's what her clients think. As a therapist, she has all the answers but when it comes to her personal life, she seriously needs to start taking her own advice. Still living with her ex-girlfriend, Natasha's messy love life is made up of dates and one-night stands.

After all, why would you commit to one person, when there is an endless stream of people waiting for you to swipe right? Besides, people always leave. But when Margot arrives on the scene, everything changes. Flailing between mending long broken relationships and starting new ones, Natasha's walking the line between self-actualisation and self-destruction...

With denial no longer an option, it is time for Natasha to take control of her own happiness.

'A captivating read from a truly exciting talent' - JUSTIN MYERS, author of The Fake-Up

'Truly joyful and uplifting . . . this is a big-hearted story about what really matters in life: friends, family and love' - LUCY DIAMOND, author of Anything Could Happen

'I loved this. . . It reminded me in tone of Steven Rowley's writing. It's clever, uplifting, and funny, but also balances heavier topics like emotional trauma and commitment issues. It was a very bright, lovely read' - EMILY AUSTIN, author of Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead

'Tell Me Everything is a book that reads like a crush, all summer and exuberance with a tight, intelligent kernel of anxiety at its core' - MIKAELLA CLEMENTS & ONJULI DATTA, authors of The View Was Exhausting

'Hilarious, tender and romantic . . . with characters you'll wish were real and an ending that will leave you fully uplifted' - CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN, author of The Staycation

'It's sweet, sexy, funny and full of adorable characters . . . The kind of book that makes you feel like everything's going to be alright!' - MATT CAIN, author of The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle

'Laura Kay's writing is so warm and open-hearted, but also has a dry wit that makes you snort with delighted recognition' - LILY LINDON, author of Double Booked

Paperback / 432 pages