The Albino Album by Chavisa Woods

The Albino Album by Chavisa Woods

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Emerging author Chavisa Woods has been noted for capturing a strange, troubling vision of domestic life in the rural U.S.'  -Go Magazine

Here she presents a technicoloured vision of rural adolescence, the story of a girl with an unpronounceable name. She is a fiery, unhinged, growling, big-hearted country girl in a dirty black tutu and combat boots who travels along all the bizarre yet familiar byways of human desire - from the cornfields of Louisiana and the big brass sound of Mardi Gras to the heights of the Empire State Building.

Turning the tradition of the southern gothic novel on its head in this queer epic, Woods presents a new land of contemporary misfits including fire-dancers, pseudo-Nazis who breed albino animals, Catholic workers, horse thieves, and the archangel Gabrielle.

Paperback / 560 pages