The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore

The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore

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'Salvatore delivers all the feels with this charming queer revamp of Pretty Woman… For fans of fake-dating romances, this will be a treat.' Publishers Weekly

A simple deal and complicated feelings… Teddy Hughes has lost his marriage, his business, and now he can’t afford another beer in his favourite dive bar. So he has no choice but to leave New York for good.

But then a gorgeous stranger walks in with cheekbones that could cut glass. Like the leather harness he wears under his suit, Cole Vivien is a mass of contradictions. He’s a successful entrepreneur whose app, VERSTL, allows consumers and sex workers to form real – if temporary – connections.

But Cole needs a fake boyfriend so he can project a more traditional image for a potential investor. And Teddy – shy, smart, and so much hotter than he knows – is perfect for the part. Cole has two conditions: no kissing or falling in love.

And in exchange for one week together, Teddy will get enough money to get back on his feet. But breaking the rules is much more fun… Perfect for fans of: Fake dating 🤫 Spice 🌶 LGBTQIA+ romance 🌈

Paperback / 288 pages