The Comedienne by V.G. Lee

The Comedienne by V.G. Lee

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When Joanie Littler moves back home to look after her mother, she quickly falls for their stylish neighbour Susan, who has a lovely lounge but never invites Joanie to her patio parties.

Finding herself with just Edith Piaf the cat for company, our heroine invents a new lover. 'Freddy' will provide hilarious material for Joanie's proposed comedy act - and her passport back into the world of couples. 

In the afterword to this 10th anniversary edition of her first novel, VG Lee reveals how life imitated art when she embarked on a stand-up comedy career of her own. 

'A light touch, a wonderful laconic style and spot-on humour made it a joy to read' Andrea Levy, author of Small Island

Paperback / 192 pages