The Devil You Know by Poppy Z. Brite

The Devil You Know by Poppy Z. Brite

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In his third short story collection, Poppy Z. Brite finds fresh ways of exploring territory both familiar and strange.

Here you'll meet the Devil and his giant cat last seen in the pages of Bulgakov, the gourmand coroner of New Orleans, the mad-genius chef who can't stand to have his cheese list criticized, and an assortment of Crescent City characters who also appear in Brite's novels The Value of X and Liquor.

First and foremost, Poppy Z. Brite is a New Orleans writer. Dissatisfied with much of his early work about his home city, he has begun to explore a way of writing about it that bypasses the cliches and approaches the city's true heart: the hard-working, hard-partying cooks; the ways in which race, class, and sexual orientation do and don't matter; the love of bottom feeders, be they crustaceans or politicos; the million little juxtapositions of sacred and profane, bizarre and mundane, sublime and ridiculous that make up the everyday life of New Orleans. Some of these stories are set elsewhere, but Brite always returns home in the end.

"Abandoning past gothic trappings and using a cleaner, simpler style, Brite emerges as a writer of honesty and wit." -Publishers Weekly

Paperback / 173 pages