The Living One by Lewis Gannett

The Living One by Lewis Gannett

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Torrance Spoor is your normal Californian teenager - a handsome high school athlete with strong sexual yearnings and a dysfunctional family. The invitation to spend some time with his long-absent father, the Baron Malcolm Spoor, comes as a surprise. But what awaits young Torrance at his father's windswept estate is far worse than he could ever imagine. 

In this dark, sensual tale, Lewis Gannett explores the terrifying dimensions of family guilt, aging, and the murderous tension between fathers and sons, and shows just how far the pursuit of youthful bodies can take you.

'The Living One is a morphine nightmare with your eyes glued open. Don't read this book alone in bed.' David Feinberg

Paperback / 380 pages

Published by Gay Men's Press in 1993