The Origins of Iris by Beth Lewis

The Origins of Iris by Beth Lewis

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One woman. Two lives. How far will she go to find herself?

On the outside, Iris and Claude have a perfect marriage, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

One terrible night Claude's abuse goes too far and Iris flees into the Catskill mountains. In the wilderness, Iris comes face to face with another version of herself. A woman who never met Claude and seemingly made all the right choices in life.

Trapped by an oncoming storm, Iris must uncover why they are there, what it means, and if the other Iris is even real. As the storm hits, the truth of what happened that fateful night will change everything. An important, searing novel about one woman's journey in fleeing an abusive relationship and confronting the secrets of her past.

Author of the critically-acclaimed debut The Wolf Road, Beth Lewis returns with her brand new novel The Origins of Iris where Wild meets Sliding Doors.

'Evocative and unexpected, tender and fierce, The Origins of Iris is unlike any other thriller I've read in years . . . Outstanding' Sarah Hilary

'This novel is like a dream, from the haunting narrative to the beautiful prose to the way Iris and her wilderness kept making their way into my subconscious at night. It is everything I could want from a book' Anna Bailey

'Atmospheric, thought-provoking, complex. A haunting exploration of one woman's journey into the dark heart of herself' Tamar Cohen

'A tale of wonder, heart-break and mystery, beautifully told. Loved every word' Emma Haughton

Paperback / 336 pages