The Other Ones by Fran Hart

The Other Ones by Fran Hart

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A spooky, cosy romance to curl up in front of the fire with - perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Gilmore Girls.

Sal hates standing out.

But he lives in a haunted house - and everybody knows it. His oldest friend, Dirk, tries to help ... but he wants to stay popular, and Sal isn't helping.

Elsie was popular - until recently. Now she's on the outcast's table too ... and she doesn't want to talk about it.

Then there's the new boy, Pax, who won't leave Sal alone. His idea of a good time is hanging out in graveyards. And, for some reason, Sal just can't stay away.

Meet The Other Ones. Can they banish their ghosts together?

An LGBTQ+ romance between two very different boys, who readers will quickly root for and grow to love For fans of Heartstopper - with a spooky twist

Paperback / 352 pages