The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark

The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark

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Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed. The other to fail.

Prince Albert Victor, heir presumptive to the British throne, is seen as disastrously inadequate to be king. The grandson of Queen Victoria, he is good-hearted but intensely shy and, some whisper, even slow-witted. By contrast, Jem Stephen is a renowned intellectual, a poet and a golden boy worshipped by all. But a looming curse of mental instability is threatening to take it all away.

Appointed as the prince's personal tutor, Jem works to prepare him for the duty to come. A friendship grows between them - one that will allow them to understand and finally accept who they really are, and change both of their lives forever.

`In sculpted, luscious prose Clark tenderly imagines the secret longing of a fated prince and the man who ruled his heart' Uli Lenart, Attitude magazine

Paperback / 252 pages