The Queer Language of Flowers workshop

The Queer Language of Flowers workshop

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A Queer History Club event

Guides to the ‘language of flowers’ were hugely popular in the Victorian period, instructing lovers on how to use flowers to send coded messages, from ‘You have no chance’ to ‘I want you passionately’Flowers were essentially Victorian emojis. But long before and beyond Victorian England, flowers have had symbolic meanings, and embracing them has been a way for queer people to send coded messages under the nose of the authorities. Modern science has shown us that plants also have no time for human nonsense like gender and sex binaries – helping queer people to embrace the idea of the ‘natural’, taking it back from people who want to use it against us.

Join historian Kit Heyam for a short talk about the queer history of flower symbolism, before making your own felt flower brooch to pin onto your bag or gift to a loved one. Materials provided, and you can sew or glue depending on your preference.

Thursday 14th March 6:30-8:30pm
at The Bookish Type, 77a Great George Street LS1 3BR

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Access Info

The shop has an 8cm step but we have a ramp we can put in place if required.
Workshop is seated round a long table with chairs that are armless with padded seats and backs.
There is a downstairs bathroom with toilet and hand basin.
If you would like to discuss any specific access needs please contact us in advance:

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