They Call Me Mix/Me Llaman Maestre by Lourdes Rivas

They Call Me Mix/Me Llaman Maestre by Lourdes Rivas

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They Call Me Mix is a bilingual (English and Spanish) children's book, geared towards 4-8 Years Olds, about what it means to be a transgender person of color.

The story starts with Lourdes recalling childhood and noticing how gendered everything about existence is since before we're even born. Lourdes points out how people create categories to make life easier but when it comes to people, gender categories can make life so difficult - restrooms, clothing stores, toy stores, sports teams, fitting rooms. They have a hard time even imagining where they'll ever fit in.

Then they find queer and trans community where they feel empowered to reinvent language that works for them and we see them doing fun everyday things with friends like play games, watch movies, build bonfires, etc. It ends with the message that people who identify as non binary look, dress, and sound all kinds of different ways and that gender is something everyone can decide for themselves at any moment in time.

Hardback / 36 pages