White Girls by Hilton Als

White Girls by Hilton Als

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'I see how we are all the same, that none of us are white women or black men; rather, we're a series of mouths, and that every mouth needs filling: with something wet or dry, like love, or unfamiliar and savory, like love'

White Girls is about, among other things, blackness, queerness, movies, Brooklyn, love (and the loss of love), AIDS, fashion, Basquiat, Capote, philosophy, porn, Louise Brooks and Michael Jackson. Freewheeling and dazzling, tender and true, it is one of the most highly acclaimed essay collections in years.

'I defy you to read this book and come away with a mind unchanged' John Jeremiah Sullivan

'Als has a serious claim to be regarded as the next James Baldwin' Observer

Paperback / 352 pages