Zom-fam by Kama la Mackerel

Zom-fam by Kama la Mackerel

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In their debut poetry collection, Kama La Mackerel mythologizes a queer/trans narrative of and for their home island, Mauritius. Composed of expansive lyric poems, Zom-Fam (meaning 'manwoman' or 'transgender' in Mauritian Kreol) is a voyage into the coming of age of a gender-creative child growing up in the '80s and '90s on the plantation island, as they seek vocabularies for loving and honouring their queer/trans self amidst the legacy of colonial silences.

Multiply voiced and imbued with complex storytelling, Zom-Fam showcases a fluid narrative that summons ancestral voices, femme tongues, broken colonial languages, and a tender queer subjectivity, all of which grapple with the legacy of plantation servitude. Emerging from a creative process in spoken word and live performance, these poems transform the page into a stage where the queer femme body is written and mapped onto the colonial space of the home/island. Interwoven with Kreol, Zom-Fam showcases a unique lyrical sensibility, a musicality influenced by the both unforgiving and soothing rhythms of the ocean, where the poet enunciates the complexity of their displaced Indo-African roots, 'the lineage of silence / that we weave in between our intimacies.'

'Kama La Mackerel's long-awaited debut collection bursts to life like an ancient goddess being reborn from the sea to sing songs that make and unmake the world.' Kai Cheng Thom, author of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars

Paperback / 104 pages