A Flame in the Night by Morgan Dante

A Flame in the Night by Morgan Dante

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"A rich exploration of romance, lust, and vampirism in an immersive historical setting. Perfect for fans of S.T. Gibson and Anne Rice." - Freydís Moon, bestselling author of Heart, Haunt, Havoc

Bloody decadence...

The definition of marriage: Two people and their silver-haired vampire.

In 1924, Paris is a bastion of sexual freedom, even for shell-shocked Leon Laflamme, the most dramatic blond this side of the Seine. After years of loneliness and secrecy, he's married the clever and sumptuous burlesque dancer Claire. However, Leon truly finds liberation when he meets the stoic, intriguing, and silver-haired Count Matthias, who offers true freedom in his dark gift: immortality.

Paperback / 162 pages