A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee

A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee

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A passionate and powerful romance featuring a transgender man and an ex-Orthodox woman who find each other through their devotion to art, and fall in love despite all odds, from bestselling author Victoria Lee.

'A sensual love story about art and passion . . . emotional and heart-aching' ASHLEY POSTON

Doesn't love mean being truly yourself? Elisheva Cohen has returned to New York after a decade away.

Her past holds wounds, but four years of sobriety and a scholarship to study photography with art legend Wyatt Cole are signs of good things. Even better, her first night in the city leads to a mind-blowing hookup. But when Wyatt Cole walks into the classroom, Ely realizes the man she just spent the night with is her teacher.

The art world is obsessed with the immensely talented, notoriously reclusive Wyatt Cole. But Wyatt's past is a painful memory. After coming out as transgender, Wyatt was dishonourably discharged from the military and disowned by his family.

Since then, her has worked hard for his sobriety and flourishing career. He can help Ely with her photography, but he cannot fall in love with her. Through the lens of her camera, Ely must confront the reason she left New York: the Orthodox community that raised her, then shunned her because of her substance abuse.

And as Wyatt's walls begin to break down, each artist fights for what's right in front of them - a person who sees them for all that they are and a love that could mean more than they ever imagined possible. 

'Victoria Lee aims straight for the heart, and pierces the centre without restraint' KOSOKO JACKSON

'A moving portrait of queer love, religion, recovery, art, and community' MACKENZI LEE

Paperback / 320 pages