A Tight Squeeze by laura q

A Tight Squeeze by laura q

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A Tight Squeeze showcases the hot sex magick of queer t4t connection. alancing the weird, fun, and exciting with the vulnerable and bewildering, laura q explores the complex and sometimes painful realities of transfem identity, desire, and erotic experiences.

Share in the intimacy of two genderqueer lovers' tender first time together, witness the ultimate spell cast by a fiery mathemagician, and journey with the first trans astronaut toward a whole new kind of first contact.

From after-hours surprises that lurk within the closets of a Swedish furniture store to the hustle of navigating life and love in post-condopocalypse Toronto, the queer women, enbies, and bois featured in these twelve tantalizing tales serve up a tender erotic banquet--sometimes with a side of consensual violence, and always finished with a sweet course of connection and community.

Paperback / 128 pages