All City by Alex DiFrancesco

All City by Alex DiFrancesco

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In a near-future New York City in which both global warming and a tremendous economic divide are making the city unlivable for many, a huge super storm hits leaving behind only those those who had nowhere else to go and no way to get out.

Here Makayla, a 24-year-old woman who works at the convenience store chain that's overtaken the city, and Jesse, a 18-year-old genderqueer anarchist punk who lives in an abandoned IRT station in the Bronx, and an unnamed, mysterious street artist who paints the suffering of those left behind into the world's consciousness, all struggle to rebuild their lives in a city that has left them for dead.

When they carve out a small space of reprieve from an abandoned luxury condo, it is only a matter of time before those who own the building come back to claim what is theirs.

All City is more than a novel, it's a foreshadowing of a world to come.

Paperback / 240 pages