All the World Beside by Garrard Conley (Pre-Order)

All the World Beside by Garrard Conley (Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 4th July 2024

Cana, Massachusetts, 1730.

To the outside world, Reverend Nathaniel Whitfield and his family stand as godly pillars of their small-town community, drawing Christians from across the New World into their fold. One such Christian, physician Arthur Lyman, discovers in the minister's words a love so captivating it transcends language.

As the bond between these two men grows more and more passionate, their families must contend with a tangled web of secrets, lies and judgments which threaten to destroy them in this world and the next. As Nathaniel and Arthur search for a path out of an impossible situation, their wives and children must do the same, looking beyond the known world for a new kind of wilderness, both physical and spiritual. Set during the turbulent historical upheavals which shaped America's destiny, All the World Beside reveals the very human lives just beneath the surface of dogmatic belief.

Bestselling author Garrard Conley has created a page-turning, vividly imagined historical tale that is both a love story and a crucible.

Hardback / 352 pages