Ambush at Still Lake by Caroline Bird

Ambush at Still Lake by Caroline Bird

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Caroline Bird's new poems show us the ambush of real life that occurs in the stillness after the happy ending. 

This is a collection about marriage, lesbian parenthood, addiction and recovery in which a recurring dream is playing out: a world where mums impale themselves on pogo-sticks, serial killers rattle around in basements, baby monitors are haunted by someone else's baby and, through it all, love stays and stays like a stationary rollercoaster that turns out to be the scariest, most thrilling ride in the amusement park.

Her editor welcomed the book in these terms: 'It is bleak, repellent and hilarious in an American Psycho-ish way. Hectic and vivid.'

Vegetable crisps.

The words yawn like a black hole,

sucking my eyes backwards

into my head until I seemy own brain glowing

like a radioactive cauliflower.

Paperback / 84 pages