Amphibian by Georgie Henley

Amphibian by Georgie Henley

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Amphibian is an incredible collection of poems looking at the body through an excitingly fresh lens.

From poems about lust and love, to power and gender touching on both modern and classical references. These poems are sensual, entrancing, feminist and powerful.

‘Georgie Henley’s poems are intricate, feminist, and embodied. They fill the ear and imagination with a felt-sense of a soundscape and bodyscape, where the human and more-than-human meet, merge and entangle. Georgie creates timeless worlds, alive with multiple species and eros, each poem pulses - opening up and closing shut like a bud.’ – Anna Selby

‘To read Georgie Henley’s ​Amphibian is to enter a space of mythic brightness. These are poems which ache on the page, which bare their strength through the visceral lyric. This is a thrilling debut which illuminates fear, shame, sensuality and love through poetry which asserts that ‘time is told through our body’.’ – Ella Duffy

‘Georgie Henley is a poet with a bent for the embodied and breathlessly sensual. At turns wry and despairing, then full of yearning and thwarted desire, this pamphlet has many faces. Unafraid to be playful and straight up weird, Henley take the reader on many delicious digressions.’ – Vanessa Kisuule

Paperback / 48 pages