Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet by Molly Morris

Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet by Molly Morris

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An unforgettable new contemporary story from major YA talent and author of This is Not the End, Molly Morris. 

Every ten years in Wil’s home town of Lennon, California, one person is chosen to return from the dead. When her ex-best friend Annie LeBlanc is brought back to life for thirty days, Wil's ecstatic – who cares that Annie stopped speaking to her before she died? Discovering a loophole that means Annie can stay alive permanently, Wil has one summer to make things work.

But first, Wil might have to face some difficult truths about their past friendship. Addressing healthy friendship and friendship break-ups in a clever, witty and relatable way. Perfect for fans of contemporary YA with a speculative edge such as The Rest of Us Just Live Here.

Paperback / 320 pages