City of Deceit: An Isandor Novel 3 by Claudie Arseneault

City of Deceit: An Isandor Novel 3 by Claudie Arseneault

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The Myrian Enclave is in disarray after a Dathirii strike team interrupts Avenazar's dangerous ritual, but Diel Dathirii is in no position to take advantage of it while his home is lost to Allastam's soldiers.

Despite the Myrian trade war's brutal turn, its key battles still happen in the shadows. Resistance inside the Dathirii Tower organizes itself around the family's new steward, Yultes, even though he is as uncertain of his allegiances as everyone else. Outside, Branwen reaches to every spymaster resource she has to strengthen their position and undermine the Myrian-Allastam alliance.

When Master Avenazar recovers from his grievous injury and sets his mind to revenge, the unsteady alliances forged within and without the Dathirii Tower will decide the city's future.

City of Deceit is the third installment of the City of Spires series, a multi-layered political fantasy led by an all-queer cast for fans elves, magic, and strong platonic bonds that defy all odds.

Paperback / 506 pages