Dead Animals by Phoebe Stuckes

Dead Animals by Phoebe Stuckes

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'A brilliant, chilling, furious novel. Real, relatable, and unputdownable' Rachel Long, author of My Darling from the Lions

'Wonderfully chilling . . . a delectable slice of defiantly queer menace.' Leon Craig, author of Parallel Hells

'A brutal, blistering horror story about precarious lives. Part Eileen, part Carrie. I gulped it down' Clare Pollard, author of Delphi

There is something creeping at the edge of your vision, lingering somewhere just out of focus. All it would take is to let your mind wander, to let it come into view. A young woman wakes after a house party with scratches and bruises - and a gap in her memory.

As the violent truth comes back to her - a series of events she struggles to name - her anger grows. Solace comes in the form of enigmatic, captivating Helene, who knows what the man at the party did, has suffered at his hands too. An act of violence demands one in return and Helene is planning revenge.

But who can afford to ask for justice, when the cost is murderously high?

'Stuckes deftly balances violence and wit, self-consciousness and panache. She can turn a sentence on a dime.' Kim Addonizio

Hardback / 170 pages