Explosives Under Special Supervision by Aleks Koval

Explosives Under Special Supervision by Aleks Koval

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Matilda, a middle-aged queer, is searching for artistic and personal fulfilment. She becomes immersed in the Bristol's drug scene with all its dangers and complexities. Psychological study of addiction told with psychotic, speed fuelled narrative.

Confronting inner demons and at the same time developing deep companionship through adversity, Matilda addresses many piercing questions. What is her true identity, and can it be enhanced through experimentation? Can she be creative without living life on the edge? Can she be an agent to change clean society? How can she free herself from the predatory grip of mental illness?

In this raw, gritty account of urban struggles, the blurring of reality and fantasy is a tantalising backdrop as Matilda pursues her passionate, personal pilgrimage across borders and through bewildering relationships towards much longed-for enlightenment.

Paperback / 184 pages