Fourteen Poems: Queer Poetry Anthology - Issue 12

Fourteen Poems: Queer Poetry Anthology - Issue 12

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With poems from both award-winning and never before published poets, Issue 12 of fourteen poems offers a snapshot of fourteen queer lives from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. 

These poems are about connection with our community, with our family and friends, and with our fully realised selves. Drink these poems in one sitting, or savour them over time, one by one.

We can’t wait for you to fall in love with these poems. Your poets for Issue 12 are:

Eric Yip “Tenor”
Godelieve de Bree “Brokebutch Mountain”
T.S. Leonard “A National Anthem”
Kevin Madrigal Galindo “Self portrait as list”
Dan Fitt-Palmer “Handshaker Evangelising”
Daniel W.K. Lee “Pomelo”
Laura McKee “plum”
Rasha Abdulhadi “Fathering Lessons”
Rona Luo “Half Tulip”
Ben Dalitz “nightlife”
Stephanie Colwell “Eventually (They Wanna Move to Portland)”
Nicholas Wong “The World’s Smallest Window”
Nadine El-Enany “White Porcelain Button”
Ami Patel “Abecedarian for My Napping Nephew”


Paperback / 40 pages