Here Comes the Miracle by Anna Beecher

Here Comes the Miracle by Anna Beecher

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It begins with a miracle: a baby born too small and too early, but defiantly alive.

This is Joe. Decades before, another miracle. In a patch of nettle-infested wilderness, a seventeen year old boy falls in love with his best friend, Jack.

This is Edward. Joe gains a sister, Emily. From the outset, her life is framed by his.

She watches him grow into a young man who plays the violin magnificently and longs for a boyfriend. A young man who is ready to begin. Edward, after being separated from Jack, builds a life with Eleanor.

They start a family and he finds himself a grandfather to Joe and Emily. When Joe is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Emily and the rest of the family are left waiting for a miracle. A miracle that won't come.

Here Comes the Miracle is a profoundly beautiful story about love and loss; and about the beautiful and violent randomness of life.

Paperback / 240 pages