Honey Walls by Bones McKay

Honey Walls by Bones McKay

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Row is perfectly normal for a transgender man. 

That is, if you ignore the fact his girlfriend talks to ghosts, his sister spies on him through his reflection, and that he has no heart. After spending years forcing magic from his life, Row is unprepared when it resurfaces in the form of a crow with a letter from his sister. 

The message is simple: their mother is dead. 

Row attempts to brush it all away, giving his sister control of their childhood home and all his mother’s stories. Unfortunately, with the power of their mother’s pen, his sister is able to make her dreams come true. Dreams of ruining Row's life. 

To undo the damage, Row must return home on a quest to stop his sister and find his heart. 

Honey Walls is a novel about a trans man written and narrated by trans creators. 

It explores the difficulty of relating to a childhood that isn’t quite yours. In addition, it wrestles with themes anyone can relate to like grief, growing up, and the legal ramifications of losing your socks.

Paperback / 246 pages