Hot Summer by Elle Everhart (Pre-Order)

Hot Summer by Elle Everhart (Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 27th June 2024

This summer, things are about to heat up.

Cas Morgan has spent years of her life watching Hot Summer, the hit dating show that pairs together a bunch of sexy singles in an exotic island location. But she never quite thought she’d be a part of it, until her company secures a partnership with the show and Cas is handpicked as a contestant.

If she does well and makes it to the finals, her long-awaited promotion will be secure. Cas is ready to spend the summer trying to win over the voting public. But just as she steps into the villa, her entire plan goes off course.

She’s instantly smitten with fellow contestant, Ada. Ada is gorgeous and charming. As Cas’s feelings for Ada become undeniable, she’s torn between listening to her heart or sticking to her strategy.

Perfect for fans of RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, Tessa Bailey and Ali Hazelwood!

Why readers love Hot Summer:

‘So wonderfully queer and brilliant!’

‘The greatest sapphic meets reality dating competition book I’ve ever read!

’‘Hot Summer is chock-full of yearning, romance, spice, and competition and is just so FUN!!!’‘This book is like watching an entire series of Love Island all rolled into one steamy, sapphic love story.’

‘I can only hope that the upcoming seasons of Love Island are as entertaining as this is.’

Paperback / 400 pages