How to Belong by Sarah Franklin

How to Belong by Sarah Franklin

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How can home be found, when you are lost?

When two very different women find themselves sharing a home, they must confront their pasts in order to work out who they each are, and how they will survive.

Disillusioned with her high-flying London career, Jo has returned to the remote rural community of her childhood. Taking over her parents' beloved butcher shop, she works hard to save the family legacy, hoping toalso save herself.

Tessa has returned too, fleeing a chance of happiness to come to terms with a life filled with secrets and shame. Now her livelihood as a farrier is under threat from a mysterious and debilitating condition. How to Belong is a delicate, honest portrayal of unexpected friendship, the power of memory and what it truly means to come home.

'This gentle, thoughtful novel will warm your heart and nourish your soul' Red Magazine'(A) thoughtful, original novel . . . Detailed, descriptive, transporting prose.' Adele Parks, Platinum Magazine

'A big-hearted novel about how we learn to belong despite ourselves.' Shelley Harris'It really touched me, I can't stop talking about it. Your words spoke to somewhere deep inside me.' Warwick Books

'This atmospheric read is simply beautiful.' Woman & Home

Paperback / 368 pages