How You Get The Girl by Anita Kelly

How You Get The Girl by Anita Kelly

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'No one understands the beauty of quiet moments in romance quite like Kelly' ALISON COCHRUN

'Kelly never fails to bring the perfect combination of humor, swoons, and grounded emotion' Timothy Janovsky

'I can't get enough of Anita Kelly's writing' Ava Wilder

Chemistry sizzles in this workplace rom-com set in the world of high school basketball from the author of Love & Other Disasters, named a "must-read" by USA TodayPopSugarSheReads, and Harper's Bazaar.

When a smart-mouthed junior joins East Nashville High's basketball team, Coach Julie Parker's ready for the challenge. What she's not prepared for is the teen's new foster parent, a super-hot ex-WNBA baller and star of Julie's fantasies. Julie knows the cool and confident Elle Cochrane is way out of her league. But despite being completely tongue-tied around her, somehow Julie persuades Elle to step in as her assistant coach.

Elle has not been on a court since her career-ending injury, but she can't seem to resist Julie, who is just as adorable as her nervous babbling. Maybe because being around her makes Elle feel sparks for the first time in long while-which is why she offers to help when Julie reveals her lifelong insecurity about dating and how she wishes she could practice at it... like sports. As Elle helps Julie navigate dating life, lines grow increasingly blurred, and the two must decide whether they'll stay on the sidelines-or finally take their shot.

Paperback / 384 pages