Marlo by Jay Carmichael

Marlo by Jay Carmichael

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A stunning Australian love story for readers of Brokeback Mountain.

It's the 1950s in conservative Australia, and Christopher, a young gay man, moves to 'the City' to escape the repressive atmosphere of his tiny hometown. Once there, however, he finds that it is just as censorial and punitive in its own way.

Then Christopher meets Morgan, and the two fall in love - a love that breathes truth back into Christopher's stifled life. But the society around them remains rigid and unchanging, and what begins as a refuge for both men inevitably buckles under the intensity of navigating a world that wants them to refuse what they are. Will their devotion be enough to keep them together?

Marlo takes us into the landscape of a relationship defined as much by what is said and shared as by what has to remain unsaid.

Paperback / 160 pages