Murray Hall by Milo Clenshaw, Vicky Allan (Pre-Order)

Murray Hall by Milo Clenshaw, Vicky Allan (Pre-Order)

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Scheduled publication date - 6th June 2024

He kept his secret for a lifetime. Now the truth will rock New York. It is 1901, and Dr Gallagher has just pronounced Murray Hall dead.

New York politico, gambler, womaniser - Hall is all these things, but when the press break the news of his death to the world, they reveal a side to his identity he never wanted known, a secret no one could have guessed. One journalist is determined to uncover the truth of Hall's past, but his search leads him down winding alleys of fact and fiction. From humble beginnings in Glasgow's tenements to a life spent rubbing up against New York's political elite, Murray Hall is the definition of a self-made man.

But the higher his status rises, the higher the stakes become. Inspired by a true story, Murray Hall unearths a queer past erased by history, finally bringing all the puzzle pieces together to discover the secret of this extraordinary, ordinary man, which shocked New York, America and the world.

Hardback / 288 pages