My Mother Says by Stine Pilgaard

My Mother Says by Stine Pilgaard

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The narrator's long-term girlfriend has just broken things off, forcing her to move back in with her father, a Pink Floyd-loving priest. While she desperately tries to convince her girlfriend to reconsider, the rest of the world bombards her with advice: from her childhood friend Mulle to her kindly therapist to her overbearing mother and card-playing father. Bumbling through the fog of disillusionment, the narrator gives herself permission to grieve, philosophize, and be generally outrageous until at last she sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hilariously funny, My Mother Says is a compendium of conversations between people who talk past one another in a universe of misplaced good intentions. In this whirlwind of memories, confessions, temper tantrums, and declarations of love, Pilgaard's sheer affection for her characters turns the pain of a broken heart into a heart-warming comedy of errors.

Translated from Danish by Hunter Simpson

Paperback / 160 pages